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At Innerview Inc., we understand that people work for people, not just for money or companies. The key to a thriving organization lies in the leadership and fit of its employees. Our holistic approach addresses both these critical areas to ensure your team is motivated, engaged, and committed. Join the many companies that have transformed their hiring and retention strategies with Innerview Inc.

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Become The Leader You Would Follow

There are four primary roles a leader plays in the workplace. Each of these roles has a profound impact on the desire of employees to follow, engage, and give their discretionary effort. Price's Law states that the square root of the total number of employees in your organization will produce 51% of the work output. This is before an intentional development program and before the deliberate replication of our top performers. This means that in a 10-employee company, 32% of your people are top performers, but in a 100-employee company, only 10% are top performers. The larger the organization, the bigger the gap becomes between the number of top performers and the rest of the employees. This brings us to developing the key skills within the four roles of a leader and how we create significantly more top performers.

Role #1 is The Connector. In order to create solid connections within the workplace, we must master three skills as a leader. Without a solid reason to connect, employees will simply go their own way and will lack both direction and inspiration. Skill 1 is Values-Based Diversity. This involves understanding why people are who they are and how they labeled their experiences in life to become this version of themselves. Skill 2 is Motivation. This requires the mastery of 5 core motivational concepts which result in the internal, or intrinsic, motivation of our teams. Skill 3 is that of Effective Communication. Along with mastering our outlook toward our team, it also involves the skill of active listening and the process of setting clear expectations. 

Role #2 is The Corrector. With employee leadership comes the opportunity to deal with employee challenges. The first skill required to correct challenges with people is that of Coaching for High Performance. This involves how we clarify expectations, engage with our people, and use the Socratic model of correction. Skill #2 is Conflict Resolution. This skill is rooted in a framework that enables us to confront another person without making it personal. Skill #3 is Corrective Counseling. This is a more intense approach to getting a difficult employee back on track. It involves the creation of accountability through a strategic framework of questions. 

Role #3 is The Visionary. This role charts the course for the organization and inspires teams to give the very best of who they are. Skill #1 in this section is Goal Setting and Tracking. This involves the establishment of a vision worth chasing, backed by definite plans of action with measurable outcomes. Skill #2 is Problem Solving. Each of us will face problems along the path to success. Having a 5-Step model for solving any problem, backed by root-cause analysis tools, is fundamental to our success. Skill #3 is Group Decision-Making. Having a model to recognize how decisions are made in a group setting, then following a system that creates predictably positive decisions, is the difference between Good and Great. 

Role #4 is The Transformer. This final role a leader plays is all about making the positive directions work in the long term. Skill #1 is Building High-Performance Teams. This is the process of systematically evolving our teams and developing them through the four stages of team development. Skill #2 is all about building Ethics, Values, and a Great Culture. After all, culture eats strategy for breakfast every day. Skill #3 is Priority Management. This is the process of systematically identifying and eliminating the things that do not move us toward our purpose while making the things that truly matter front and center. 

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Innerview Inc.

Innerview Inc leads employers in the optimization of human capital, provides customers with essential services, and offers a full array of value-added services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a best-of-class workforce. We help corporations grow their competitive advantage by operating a boldly innovative professional search consulting firm.  Innerview Inc leverages our Talent Acquisition expertise to lead business units in the optimization of human capital management.



See What Others Have Said

"Innerview Inc. has been instrumental in revamping our recruitment strategy. The focus on hiring for fit rather than just experience has made a significant difference. Our new hires are not only qualified but also aligned with our company values. The leadership training has empowered our managers to create a supportive and engaging workplace. We've seen a noticeable decrease in turnover and an increase in employee satisfaction."

- Lisa M., Operations Manager

"We were struggling with high turnover and low employee engagement until we partnered with Innerview Inc. Their comprehensive assessments and structured interview process helped us identify and hire candidates who truly fit our company. The conditional offer approach has been a game-changer, ensuring new hires meet our expectations from day one. Our team is now more cohesive and motivated, thanks to the insights and training provided by Innerview Inc."

- Michael B., CEO

"Innerview Inc. transformed our hiring process completely. Their approach to matching candidates with our company culture has drastically reduced our turnover rates. We now have a team that is not only skilled but also passionate about their work. The leadership training provided by Innerview Inc. has also equipped our managers with the tools they need to create a positive and productive work environment."

- Sarah L., HR Director

More About Our Proven Process

Take charge of your company culture and create a brighter future!

To build a strong and dedicated team, three crucial elements need to be addressed in your recruiting process: empowering leadership, hiring for fit, and learning from exits. Here’s how we at Innerview Inc. tackle each of these components to help you create a thriving workplace.
Empowering Leadership

Burnout is often a result of leadership issues rather than just hard work. Our approach focuses on transforming your leaders into connectors, redirectors, vision casters, and culture curators. By mastering these roles, your leaders can create a positive environment where employees feel valued, equipped, and motivated to succeed.

Hiring for Fit, Not Just Experience

Experience alone isn't enough. We believe in hiring for fit by assessing intellectual ability, behavioral makeup, and motivational drive. Using validated pre-hire assessment tools like the Step One Survey¬ģ for entry-level positions and PXT Select¬ģ for supervisory roles, we identify success patterns that match candidates to your specific needs. Our structured interviews and rating systems ensure a seamless hiring process, culminating in conditional offers that set clear expectations from the start.

Learning from Exits

Understanding why employees leave is crucial. Our exit interviews delve deep to uncover the catalysts for turnover, providing actionable insights to improve retention. By addressing unresolved issues and fostering a consistent, positive work environment, we help you create a workplace where employees want to stay.


Why Our Process Works


We believe that building a thriving workplace requires a multifaceted approach. It's not just about finding the right people; it's about fostering an environment where those people can thrive. Our methodology focuses on three crucial elements: leadership excellence, hiring for fit, and continuous improvement through actionable insights. Here's how we tie these elements together to help your organization succeed.

Leadership Excellence

Creating a value-driven organization starts with exceptional leadership. At Innerview Inc., we train your leaders to become more than just managers‚ÄĒthey become connectors, vision casters, and culture curators. By enhancing their skills, your leaders will foster a workplace where employees feel valued and motivated to give their best.

Perfect Fit

Hiring the right candidate goes beyond just looking at experience. Our scientific approach ensures that candidates align with your job requirements and company culture. We use validated pre-hire assessment tools to evaluate intellectual ability, behavioral makeup, and motivational drive. This ensures that every new hire is not only qualified but also a perfect fit for your team.

Actionable Insights

Continuous improvement is key to reducing turnover. Our comprehensive exit interviews provide actionable insights into why employees leave, uncovering the underlying issues and catalysts for turnover. By addressing these concerns, we help you create a consistent, positive work environment that retains top talent and keeps your team engaged.

By focusing on these three critical areas, Innerview Inc. helps you build a strong, dedicated, and motivated team ready to drive your organization forward.

How Our Assessments Work

PXT Select assessments positively impact hiring, engagement, and retention by providing data-driven insights that help match candidates to roles based on job-specific traits. These assessments reduce hiring bias, streamline the selection process, and ensure better job fit, leading to improved employee satisfaction and productivity. By understanding cognitive and behavioral traits, organizations can make more informed hiring decisions, replicate top performers, and reduce turnover. Additionally, PXT Select offers support and training to align business strategy with people strategy, enhancing overall employee engagement and retention.

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