All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Team

Data Tells The Rest of The Story

So many of the people we interview can seem perfect in the interview. After all, we are selling them on working for us, and they are selling us on why they should get the job. Ultimately, what both sides really want, though, is the right fit. 

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As a PXT Select Partner, We Have The Tools To Create Your Dream Team

The PXT Select is an incredible tool for unlocking what a candidate or employee is really like in three key areas. 

  • Thinking Style - This tells us how a person will approach and solve problems in a work setting.
  • Behavioral Makeup - This tell us how they approach work, relationships, leadership, and more.
  • Motivational Interests - This tells us what drives them toward success and helps us understand how to create stronger engagement.

Don't Be Fooled By A Great Actor

Do any of these statements or questions sound familiar?

  • He interviewed so well - I was sure he would be an excellent employee, but...
  • After we promoted her, she didn't seem to be the same employee - why?
  • We really need to find a way to secure Career Development and Succession Planning
  • 20% of our Sales Force bring in 80% of our business - how can we improve the other 80% and hire more top-performing salespeople
  • Can I really know if a new hire is reliable, honest, and hard working?

People don't quit jobs; they quit people... 

We have observed that problems in business today primarily fall into two categories: people problems, those pertaining to the selection and retention of top-performing employees, and those pertaining to the ongoing management of human capital assets and systems. At InnerView, we help address people's problems with assessments and pre-employment screening customized to your company’s needs and goals. 




Training Based on Assessments

Team Compatibility: 
When we focus on our teams and what they bring us, we can see that with discord on the team, they bring us headaches, but with cooperation, they bring us success. The better people work together, the more productive they are. Understanding how to structure and develop teams through the phases of team change enables an organization to achieve at measurably higher levels.

A productive workplace has the right plan in place, for individual development, group dynamics, employee growth, and organizational performance. You will not get 100% of what you do not ask for from your teams. Having the right understanding of their capabilities, developing their skills, and measuring their progress are all integral parts of creating a high performance team. 

When we address compatibility and productivity, accountability is the next step to fall in line. With clear concise specific goals in place, your employees will know what is expected of them and will get the job done in less time and with more efficiency. It is an old cliché yet employees do want to know what is expected of them and will produce tremendous numbers when they have a working unit of team players all rowing in the same direction.

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